Posted on Mar 5, 2021

Property Friends | Property Strategist

As property values hit their highest level in 17 years, investors are leaping back into the market, which is bad news for one group of buyers.

New data showed that property values are rising at the highest rate since 2003, according to the latest CoreLogic data.

And when property prices start to improve, investors tend to start buying up due to confidence returning to the market, said Ms Conisbee.

Figures released by SQM Research showed national residential property listings decreased in February 2021 by 2.7 per cent, to stand at almost 258,00 listings. This happened despite just over 76,00 new listings being added into stock, meaning buyers are absorbing listings at a quicker pace than currently being added into the market.

But Ms Conisbee said it isn’t all doom and gloom for first home buyers — with new builds still a great opportunity, as well as housing regional Australia despite people fleeing the cities and snapping up sea change properties during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Written by: Sarah Sharples
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