Posted on Feb 5, 2020

Property Friends

Cairns construction industry gears up for year of strong growth.

Check out the extract of the article written by Renee Cluff of

“It’s going to be a good year.”


•Cairns Convention Centre expansion, valued at $176 million
•Cairns Mental Health building, valued at $70 million
•First tower of Nova City, valued at $550 for the overall 7-tower project
•Cairns Central upgrade, valued at $60 million
•Botanica Lifestyle Resort, valued at $90 million

Mr Bell said he expected the Cairns Convention Centre expansion to attract plenty of interest, given the State Government is using it to trial new industrial standards which will see workers receive 5% annual wage increases, 12% superannuation and weekend overtime rates of 200%.

The injection of work is also expected to place a squeeze on the local workforce.

Construction Skills Queensland estimates that on top of the current local workforce, an additional 3,000 workers will be required each year over the next three years to keep pace with available work.
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